Weddings + Formal Wear




Meet with one of our Made-to-Measure specialists who will walk you through the design details of your garment. Bring your own ideas as well it's your dream wedding.



Our team will make sure to obtain your exact body specifications. We will take note of everything you like to ensure you are walking in confidence.



Our garments will take about 18-30 days to complete. Next, We will need a second fitting to make any adjustments which takes about 3-10 days. This will allow us to create a garment to your liking.  



Our team has partnered up with the top dry cleaning teams in the World. This partnership allows us to deliver the best product fully pressed and ready to deliver in our custom MILÓ ANDRES GARMENT bag perfect for travel.


Welcome to the world of MILÓ ANDRES, the personalized service dedicated to the individual needs of every HUMAN who dreams of excellence. Our Made-to-Measure service allows us to deliver an exclusive and unique garment that is created exclusively for you. Our team can travel to you regardless of where you're located. Leave the hard work to us & allow us to help create your dream wedding garment. 

GROOMSMEN (up to infinity)

Custom can mean so many things. Let me tell you something. Have you ever watched the UFC? If so, does every Lightweight look the same?  No! Weighing in at 155 lbs at 6'0" we have the fighter at the blue corner & weighing in at 155 lbs at 5'10" we have another fighter at the red corner.


We all look different, our weight and height doesn't determine our chest size or leg length & so on. Imagine a group of five groomsmen you simply have to look good. It's your wedding day & everyone has to be dressed to perfection. Allow us to discover your entire team's exact body specifications to create the perfect garment. 

Additionally, we can travel to every groomsmen on their time & location how hard is it to get the whole crew reunited all at once for fittings? Really hard so let us come to you on your time. 


A garment that is so fascinating that immediately catches everyone's eye. A garment that wraps the wearers body so precise with a touch of elegance. Our team can travel to you or use our book online page and come visit us. The process will require an initial fitting where we will discuss design ideas & personalize details, followed by our second fitting which will allow us to ensure the perfect fit by making minor alterations to your liking.


At the end of the day it's your wedding. Our ultimate goal is to see you smiling & happy on your wedding day. We all have dreams but we also all dream differently. Our team will advise you based on every detail you can dream of. 

Our lining are both flashy and elegant we can even add your photographs to our linings using real bemberg materials.


A variety of contrasting fabrics using classic designs with a modern cut using classic patterns like checks, pinstripes, contrasts & textures. Choose from a variety of fabrics including, Wool, Linen, Velvet, Cashmere, Cotton & Satin. Our fabrics guarantee comfort and will be able to suit the weather you'll be hosting your event.


Don't wear velvet during a wedding on a beach while it's over 90 degrees, trust me you look good but you'll sweat your tail off!


Hand Made Garments Designed By MILÓ ANDRES.