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PHONE. 240-477-9597       3 BETHESDA METRO CENTER #700, BETHESDA, MD 20814

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MILÓ ANDRES has been hand crafting garments that are as unique & exclusive as each client we serve. Design suits, blazers, pants, coats, dress shirts and vests. – with one of our expert Made-to-Measure Specialists, who will help you navigate a style, fit and a unique design of your very own hand made garment.



Camilo Andres was born in 1992, in Bogotá, Colombia. During his early childhood his family moved to the United States. Initially beginning his trade in the street wear business he partnered up with his friends to start DEADBEATPREP, where he learned to hand sew on garments. Inspired by the art that is tailoring, he began a global fashion internship away from the United States in contact with Master Tailors or “Directors” . Specializing in crafting sartorial pieces of art for viewers to embrace as they impart in the world of quality to create masterpieces distinguished by the viewers desires. With modern tailoring techniques & years of experience, he began his trade learning from the Masters in Hong Kong & China. This is where he fell in love! At MILÓ ANDRES, with traditional and modern techniques, we combine both to create our signature garment that caresses the body with absolute precision. Inspired by Japan‘s underground spirit, elegance & distinction is the MILÓ ANDRES way

進化 #MILÓANDRES #Evolutionofman 

From dates to job interviews, every impression counts. Even the smallest detail like your cufflinks can make or break your desired look. MILÓ ANDRES believes every man should wear the perfect fit to look his best for any occasion. We offer custom-made to measure suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, pants, jackets & coats. Whether you are looking for a wider range of patterns, colors or you have a specific design in mind, we can create a garment that fits your exact needs. Our Made-to-Measure program allows you to create your own style. You can choose from the finest fabrics to have your garment precisely tailored to your specific style & fit. Our dedication to quality, sophisticated hand-tailoring & remarkable workmanship allows us to bring a MILÓ ANDRES garment to life. Hand made garments are a testament to the style & influence of each of our clients. The philosophy is simple; "unadulterated beauty & craftsmanship through design, embodying techniques at an art sartorial level of excellence".  人間の進化



Hand made garments that are truly one of a kind.

1. In-depth consultation

Everything starts with an in-depth consultation with one of our tailors. We also give you the freedom to take your measurements online along with our consultation to obtain the perfect fit & style. The tailor will then collect your measurements & specific requirements to ensure that your garment is made correctly. This process allows you to customize your garment; from the number of buttons to the type of fabric.

2. Materials

We take pride in offering high quality fabrics, materials & craftsmanship. We have seasonal collections including classic pure wool's for spring & water-resistant wool's for autumn. With our Made-to-Measure program & with an access to modern technology, we create a personalized garment crafted specifically for each client. Each garment is hand tailored for quality & precision. Real horn buttons, fully canvassed & hand stitching are a distinctive sign in our craft.

3. Construction

4. Luxurious details

An individual pattern is created for your custom garment. From head to toe each canvassed garment is expertly constructed. After you're measured slight differences in your arm length and your posture are also taken into account. Only then will a paper pattern be made, which will serve as the blueprint for your garment. Then the pattern is laid out on the fabric of your choice, chalked around and then cut by hand. Finally the fabric is ready for stitching.

Every MILÓ ANDRES garment is the acme of a perfected blend of Artisanship & construction. Every detail serves a purpose. Every element is taken into account, from your personal thread pattern, monogramming your own name to coordinating a color design. Every garment is cut by hand which enhances movement with the steady hands of each guiding Tailor. Book your wedding or any event today!


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Founder/Creative Director

“You can't tailor make every decision in your life unless that decision involves you getting tailor-made.”


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“Just having satisfied clients isn't good enough.”


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3 Bethesda Metro Center #700, Bethesda, MD 20814


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