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The Dixon

The Dixon


The very epitome of class, elegance & luxury our black velvet with black satin lapels design we call "The Dixon". Pair this luxury design with a cummerbund if you dare and a bow tie is mandatory!  Everyone will remember this wonderful velvet cut with 5 kissing satin buttons, bessum pockets and a charcoal trouser with no belt loops. This elegant style of suit, made in luxury pure wool, features distinct satin details across the lapels, pockets and sleeves. This detailing showcases a dynamic feel while maintaining a sleek silhouette. Flat -front low-rise pants add a modern and refined touch to this otherwise timeless look. Pair with a tuxedo shoe or be daring and wear those loafers you never knew you'd be able to pull off until you do.





    Black Velvet

    Matching Satin Peak Lapel trimming

    Two Satin Besom Pockets

    Five functioning Black Satin Sleeve Buttons


    Japanese Bemberg Lining


    100% Wool

    Black satin stripe

    Pant adjusters

    Suspender buttons

    HALF CANVAS (you can upgrade to Full Canvas)



    The first step is scheduling a consultation with one of our expert tailors, You will recieve the perfect fit with an endless amount of personalizations & customizations to really call this your own hand made masterpiece. Prices vary. BOOK TODAY or email for more information.

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