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'EXTRACTION' Sam Hargrave delivers a battle filled story where trauma meets resiliance.


Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake and Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Ovi Mahajan in the new Extraction film from Netflix.

EXTRACTION Directed by Sam Hagrave | R 1h 56m | NO post-credit scene


Extraction isn't a film so much as it's a game of

Poor old Jack Malick a struggling musician and part time warehouse employee who's chasing a dream of sharing his talents to the world but begins this journey in his home town. The craziest part about Jack's character chasing his dream is that he cold heatedly had absolutely no sense of hope that he'd actually make it "big" one day, but Ellie did.

Ellie is beautiful, kind and completely in love with Jack.

Ellie fell in love with Jack when she was only seven years old. Ellie fell in love the moment she glanced over at Jack performing a song from Oasis called "Wonder wall". With a room full of young grade school students Jack was singing but to Ellie the entire moment slowed down, everyone was slowing down, the students turned to blurry figures, the entire room got dark yet light shined directly towards Jack's performance, Ellie felt the rush of a thousand butterflies rushing inside her stomach and felt that Jack's voice was controlling her soul. Ellie misstep and fell in love.

Jack has a manager. Jack's manager is Ellie. Ellie feels the rush and remembers the night Jack performed when she first fell in love and sees the beauty in his performance when others don't. Jack is ready to throw in the towel and give up. On that same night while Jack is riding his bike home a sudden 12 second blackout occurs throughout the world which is completely explainable. Unfortunately yet so fortunately Jack gets hit by a bus which knocks him off his bike and caused his guitar to break and his two front teeth. Jack wakes up in a hospital only to see Ellie who seems to always be there anytime he needs someone.

Ellie decides to surprise Jack with a small gift a new guitar because she believes that he can still become a performer. Jack is surprised by his childhood friends. Jack's friends request for him to sing a song. Jack plays "Yesterday" by the Beatles and we get to see the real power such a beautiful song has which leaves his friends in shock. Jack's friends are so impressed they can't believe that Jack just performed such a song so they keep asking "who wrote that?" and Jack in disbelief that one of the greatest songs of all time never crossed their paths. Jack can't believe that nobody has ever heard of The Beatles so he does what every one in his position would google every Beatles song and title which results in a bug species rather than the worlds greatest band.

The blackout caused the entire world to change and forget about The Beatles band so he creates and copies their entire album.

Thrilled to share these brilliant songs he gets no positive responses from audiences and believes that he is ultimately the problem rather then his music. Jack gets a big break and meets a small studio recording nobody who offers his services which result in Jack creating the world's greatest singer/songwriter of all time and instant fame.

Jack's music was so great that it allowed him to meet and open for Ed Sheeran. Ed's manager signs him and he begins his journey to super stardom.

Jack was so blind throughout this entire journey that he was loosing Ellie and that life back at home continued.

Jack learns that when you love someone tell them now and that yesterday comes suddenly. Jack loves Ellie but is it to late did she continue to love him or did she loose that feeling. Why did Jack have to go and now he must find answers his own way.

Danny Boyle delivers a beautiful movie that reminds us that yesterday comes suddenly and that today is the day you must tell them that love stops for no one.


Director Danny Boyle

Writers John August, Guy Ritchie

Stars Himesh Patel, Lily James, Ed Sheeran, Kate Mckinnon, James Corden

Rating PG 13

Running Time 1h 56m


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