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'Aladdin' Guy Ritchie shows us that the power of love sees everyone.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019


Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine in the new Aladdin film from Disney.

Aladdin Directed by Guy Ritchie | PG 2h 8m | NO post-credit scene


Aladdin the film the critics got wrong. Robin Williams originally voiced the charming blue genie who was wild, funny and wonderful. Will Smith didn't attempt to portray this version of Genie but created a post Robin Williams Genie who shows more charm rather than humor. Although we didn't get the Genie we had hoped for we did receive an overall satisfying post Robin Williams Genie.

Disney delivers a similar story of the 1992 animated Aladdin movie directed by Ron Clements and John Musker of a poor "street rat" who charms the heart of a beautiful women who he later realizes is an actual Princess. Aladdin believes he isn't worthy of winning her over so he embarks on a journey looking for status and wealth manipulated in part by an evil vizier who attempts to gain power of the Kingdom by utilizing Aladdin's biggest flaw his "insecurities."

The story continues with Aladdin be-friending a Genie who grants his every wish one of which changes his entire world. Genie creates an entirely "whole new world" a new and improved by materialistic possessions a Prince Ali.

Will Prince Ali conquer the heart and kingdom of a young and beautiful Princess who only seeks to help her people?

Bollywood meets Hollywood in this beautiful musical which will likely be be nominated for best original song also thanks to a heap load of CGI, elephants and monkeys dancing to the tune of Will Smith's voice.

Overall I believe the casting executed to perfection. The strange thing was that a film of such importance to the new direction of Disney's rendering of classic films using CGI lacked the big name star power with only Will Smith's name being the only overall big ticket actor in the film. The beautiful Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine) charms us with her beauty.

You just can't help but believe in the urgency of young romance which can be harmful but this one wasn't. You were rooting for them to fall in love and defeat every obstacle that came there way. We shed a few tears realizing how realistic all this can be. Whether we have a lot or have a little at the end of the day sometimes our feelings overtake every doubt we have ever had to begin with.

The power of Disney shines bright like a diamond in this film. I really want you to close your eyes and imagine that the person you love is right in front of you. I want you to forget about what you want rather than what you need. Listen to there voice. Imagine the two of you alone in your own world. Opinions, materialistic possessions, power, money and influence all dissipated. Fly together in your magic carpet now open your eyes and share this whole new world together.

Disney created a musical masterpiece that brings together different cultures and united an entire audience with new horizons to pursue.


Director Guy Ritchie

Writers John August, Guy Ritchie

Stars Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban

Rating PG

Running Time 2h 8m


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